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Successful with social media marketing

   Benefits of social media:

  • rapid dissemination of information

  • 24/7 advertising / image for your company

  • Depending on the platform subscribers are loyal and remain a fan of your page

  • Different platforms for different target groups

   Drawback of social media:

  • Follower want to be continuously entertained

  • must be cared for 24/7

  • Messages should be responded to within a few hours

  • Warning associations are constantly on the heifers and regularly check content for violations

 Solutions through us:

  • Commission us to ensure a regular activity

  • We are never sick

  • The cost ratio for an employee is the same, only we cover the 7.24 from full!

  • The view from the outside usually sees more ... operational blindness

  • Liability for content is transferred to us

social media marketing agentur
agentur für social media

Description of services // SOCIAL MEDIA AGENCY

  • Content plan

  • Community management

  • Performance marketing
  • Generate leads

  • Design of posts

  • Creation of photo & video material

  • Aerial shots with drones in 4K

  • Event support with live broadcast

  • Support of social media platforms

  • Support of social projects such as education in schools

As a social media agency, we have specialized in car dealerships and hotels!

Facebook // Instagram // Linkedin

Tik Tok // Youtube // others on request

Support, 365 days
from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Performance marketing

As a social media agency, we not only produce the content that entertains your fans on Instagram and Facebook, but also control the reach of your posts and pages via hashtags and sponsored ads. This Facebook Ads are monitored by us and adjusted regularly.



Online marketing campaigns have the greatest reach with comparable advertising expenditure in other forms of advertising

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Content production


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